What are your goals for your senior years?

      Pursuing your hobbies full time?

Swimming, hiking, and being active with your grandchildren?

Shooting a respectable round of golf at 75 years old?

Feeling well enough to enjoy the sights, adventure or nightlife of a dream vacation?

Maintaining your independence for longer?

No matter how you envision your ‘Golden Years’,

your health will be a determining factor.

Many older people are all too willing to accept rapid physical deterioration. They believe that painful joints, restricted movement and fragile bones are ‘normal’ for their age group. They also believe that loss of energy, loss of strength, loss of balance, and loss of mental acuity are “non reversible” aspects of aging. The fact is that none of these beliefs are true. If you find yourself groaning at the thought of the physical activities that you once enjoyed, please call Ross at Body-Wize. We can help you get back on track, caring for yourself and preparing yourself to enjoy more of life’s amazing adventures. – Book Appointment Now
Body-Wize uses a highly effective, customized blend of 4 modalities to assist with healthy aging.

Your body is just that yours, and although it is similar to other bodies it is unique unto itself as well. At Body-Wize you will be treated as an individual and you will be cared for. Do not be fearful of painful treatments at Body-Wize! Your individual treatment will address your individual needs, and you will be given easy to follow guidelines for your own self-care.

Many chronic pain and disease situations found in older people are related to unnatural stress on the body stemming from lifelong misalignment with gravity and long term adhesions (stuck spots) within the network of bone, muscle and fascia.
The body system works as a whole. The parts of the body are designed to compensate for weaknesses and adhesions in other parts, so one misalignment can lead to increased stress, reduced functioning, and pain in many other parts of the system.
Over a long period of time the physical system becomes overwhelmed to the point where it restricts movement and produces the pain message. This is what many seniors sadly accept as ‘normal’ aging. Hellerwork (one of the components of Body-Wize) can correct these adhesions so that alignment and function can be restored, and you can enjoy greater freedom of movement, and better balance that adds so much to your quality of life.
Gentle Vibration Therapy is also used at Body-Wize, and is a very effective program for seniors – It increases muscle strength and bone density significantly without the heavy lifting and muscle exhaustion of resistance training.
Another benefit of vibration therapy is better circulation. The fact that Body-Wize does help seniors increase bone and muscle density in manageable 10 minute vibration sessions – means stronger bones and muscles, which means fewer falls and greater independence.

Testimonial from Rosyln Franz-Haug

Ross is amazing. He is a totally intuitive person, he has amazing hands.

He knows his craft and he is capable being a person’s best friend during the treatment, and I think this is really important for a practitioner because he commands trust.

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9:00 AM – 3:30 PM (last appointment @ 2:00 PM)

9:00 AM – 3:30 PM (last appointment @ 2:00 PM)