Feeling ‘Rundown’

Are you feeling “run down”, do you regularly (or constantly) suffer from a lack of energy, an inability to do the activities and things that you want to do?  Often the route cause of low energy can be misalignment and imbalance in the body, especially in the fascia or tissue.  Ross Short has a proven program to address the causes of your low energy and return you to a vibrant and healthy state.

At Body-Wize, our approach is to treat the whole body, creating balance and wellness for the long term rather than focusing on a short term fix or adjustment.  Helping you restore your energy and achieve optimal health is Ross’ primary goal.

Often, low energy is due to a combination of factors in the body, including stress, injury, pain and tension.  Ross uses a combination of powerful techniques to bring your body back into alignment and restore your energy – Hellerwork Structural Integration, Pilates, Reiki, and Whole Body Vibration.  Using this compilation of techniques to address balance in the whole body, Ross is able to restore energy levels and help his clients achieve vitality.

Whether your reduced energy is new or long term, Body-Wize can help eliminate it.  At your first appointment, Ross will assess your unique situation and work with you to build a program to treat the cause of the reduced energy.  Body-Wize can restore your energy and create a plan that creates long term results.

Book your appointment with Ross today to explore your “run down” feeling.  By finding balance and alignment you restore your health and vitality.

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