Are you feeling a strong urge to run a marathon?

Have you given any thought to the commitment and sacrifices you need to endure?

Many get caught up in the excitement, the seduction watching a marathon run on television and in person. We find ourselves swept away in the moment and impulsively sign up for the next marathon. Suddenly, a daunting reality creeps in and we find ourselves screaming aloud, “what was I thinking?”

Not to worry. After reflecting with a good dose of self-examination, it is time to set out a plan. Your personal determination is leading the way.

“Plan the work and work your plan” Napolean Hill

Developing your marathon training program

Consider these elements


How committed are you?

Take ownership and be accountable for your success. While family members and friends are your cheerleaders, it needs to be ultimately your personal goal to achieve and complete the marathon. It is helpful to run with a training partner, a coach, or a team; you are responsible to yourself to push for that next mile. Make a plan and take the steps to complete your marathon to the finish line.

Are you honest with yourself?

The level of honesty you have committed towards your training will carry you through to the finish line. Less problems will arise, as you stay honest and realistic.

Do you know your fitness level?

Here is where you need to honest by avoiding over estimating your fitness and abilities. Injuries are caused by over extending personal limitations. Stick with your personal training plan and increase in small increments.

What is your availability to commit?

Create a realistic plan the amount of days and time factors you are able to commit to training for your marathon. Start slow and build up the days and times as the marathon day draws closer.

Body Wize can help you succeed complete your marathon. We ensure your postural alignment is coordinated to be flexible, balance, with a range of motion. Maximize these three areas the incidence of injury are greatly reduced; allowing more time to train and practice for your marathon.