It might feel like this winter won’t end, but we are just a few weeks from golf season!

Are you ready to have your best season ever?

Most committed golfers are so anxious for the season to start that at the first opportunity we head out to the driving range, hit a few buckets of balls and then book the first tee time that we can. I don’t think there is any better way to enjoy spring in the Okanagan than by taking in an early round of golf.  However, it seems that every year I talk to a lot of golfers who have missed part of a season due to an injury, or find that they are tiring easily or finding golf painful. This great sport should be fun and relaxing, not stressful or painful.

What is going wrong?

An important question to ask is “How did your last season end?”  Were you finding yourself stiff and sore after a round, or did you miss part of the season due to an injury or pain?  Did you find yourself tiring earlier than usual during a round or while swinging at the range?  Did your handicap end up where you wanted it to?

Another common complaint I hear from golfers is that they spend a lot of time practicing and playing but aren’t seeing the improvement that they want.  Hours of practice should translate into a better score, not frustration and sore joints.

The answer to both of these issues – pain and fatigue or slow improvement lies in HOW you are practicing and playing.  As with so many things in life,


The secret to pain free golf and a better score is in your body’s postural alignment.  With the correct balance, alignment and core strength, you can improve your game, reduce pain and free from your Kelowna old injury. This alignment is the key to long-term success in golf.

Spending time at the driving range is important, but it only helps your game if you are practicing the right strokes with the right balance and alignment.  If your body’s skeletal and muscular systems are not correctly aligned, you will simply reinforce bad swing habits, tire quickly and increase your risk of Kelowna old injury.  By correcting your posture, creating a balanced and aligned body system, and improving your core strength, you can begin working on your swing in a way that will allow you to golf pain free, avoid Kelowna old injury and improve your handicap.

Unique system of total body health

Body-Wize is a unique system of total body health that focuses on balance, alignment and posture.  By aligning your body first, you will be able to practice pain and injury free and improve your game much more quickly.  BEFORE you head to the range, make an appointment with Body-Wize.  Over the next six to eight weeks focus on your core and balance and 2017 will be your best golf season yet!

Call today (250-717-3553) to book an appointment and discuss how Body-Wize can reduce or eliminate your pain and lower your handicap.

Looking for some tools or exercises that you can do at home now to get ready for the season?  You can download my ebook, The Core of Golf containing exercises that you can start now.  I also have a durable hardcover exercise book that fits in your golf bag.  Both are available through the Body-Wize website.

If you are in the Okanagan or Kelowna feeling ‘rundown’ looking to restore your energy, reduce pain and build your ideal health, book an appointment with Body-Wize.  At your initial consultation Ross will examine the causes of imbalance and misalignment and work with you to build a customized plan that takes into account your unique situation.  You owe it to your mind and body to live the best, healthiest life that you can!