Physical activity is important to our well-being and quality of life at every stage of our lives. It is a recipe for living a more productive lifestyle with fewer illnesses and injuries. Studies have proven that daily physical activity is a direct contributor to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Every step counts towards creating a healthier lifestyle. While any amount of physical activity provides health benefits, you will feel better when you incorporate regular, physical activity into every day. It improves your mental health, your general fitness level, and your physical appearance.  In addition , you will find that tasks can be accomplished with increase ease and comfort and with less fatigue.

The health benefits of physical activity are many.  Daily physical activity helps:

  • Prevent chronic diseases from developing, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis
  • Keep us stronger
  • Increase energy
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve balance
  • Reduce falls and injuries
  • Extend our independence as we age

Tips for an Active Lifestyle

  • Find activities you like to do. Doing something you like greatly increases the chance that you will stick with it.  The options are almost endless – take on swimming, cycling, hiking, walking or any other exercise that motivates you!
  • Increase your level of activity daily. Do a little more each day – walk a little further, swim another lap.
  • Fit in social activities. Join a group, take a class, or volunteer for a community event.
  • Stay active. Invite your family and friends to do physical activities with you. Go for a hike or a walk together.

Keep in mind that aerobic activity goes beyond the gym. There are a wide variety of physical activities to help improve muscle movement for increased blood flow and airflow through your body. Aerobic activity can be accomplished by doing housekeeping chores, cutting your grass, walking to the grocery store, biking instead of driving to your destination, or taking a dance class.

Get fit by incorporating strengthening activities into your daily schedule. Physical activities like weight lifting, yoga, reiki, or pilates build strength in your muscles and bones. Strengthening activities prevent bone loss, and improve postural alignment.

Physical Activity Check Up!

Before jumping into your favorite physcial activities, a check up from Ross at Body-Wize may be just what you need. Let Ross help open your joints and loosen your muscles to avoid injury and increase your performance.

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