Are you training for a marathon?  Proper alignment is critical to safe and effective training.  Many athletes injure themselves during training, preventing them from reaching their goal and potentially leading to long term issues.  By understanding balance and alignment you can avoid injury and improve your time and performance.

Join me for a free one hour seminar to learn about the value of balance and alignment.  Proper technique can ensure that your training is the healthiest and most effective possible.

In this one hour seminar you will learn:

  • That the ankle is the most weight bearing joint in the human body;
  • How proper alignment can improve your training;
  • How to ensure that your training is improving your physical performance rather than hindering it;
  • How the proven Body-Wize system can improve your marathon training and increase your safety;
  • How to effectively heal injuries;
  • How you can reduce or eliminate pain caused by a running injury.

The seminar is taught by Ross Short, who has worked with many athletes to improve their performance.  Ross uses a unique combination of four proven modalities to bring your body back into alignment and eliminate pain – Hellerwork Structural Integration, Pilates, Reiki, and Whole Body Vibration.  Using this unique combination of techniques to address balance in the whole body, Ross has a 93% success rate in reducing or eliminating chronic pain in his clients and can set you up for training success.

Postural alignment is critical to our long term health and to reducing or eliminating pain.

When the body is in alignment, we almost float when we run.  We are aligned with gravity and our joints and muscles move fluidly and painlessly.  When we are out of alignment, our bodies – tissues, joints, muscles and bones – are fighting gravity and each other, leading to short term pain and longer term health issues.  This lack of alignment can be due to injury, poor posture, or how each of us has integrated stress and tension.  Over time, tension, stress and injury aggravate poor posture leading to increased misalignment.  By getting your body back into alignment you can train without injury and increase your running performance.

What sets many runners apart from the crowd is their desire and the ability to push the limits of physical performance. In order to outdistance the rest, many top athletes train themselves to work through the discomfort and pain that causes the less determined to drop out of the race. It’s mind over matter. In their quest to ‘be the best’, they ignore muscle fatigue, aches, pains and uncomfortable twinges. In fact they expect pain and see it as something to be overcome by sheer force of will.  This is not ideal.  There is a better way.  In this seminar you will earn how to train without pain and prevent long term injury.

This unique, free seminar is being offered three times this summer.

All take place from 7 to 8pm on

July 5 & 26, 2016

Aug. 16, 2016

The seminars are held in the Body-Wize Studio 925 Tronson Drive, Kelowna

Reserve your seat at 250-717-3553 or email

Make this your best, safest summer for training.  Reserve your seat today!