Quick Analogy:
Compare your ankle joints (the most weight bearing in your body) to the wheels on your vehicle:


-Poor gas mileage -=Lack of OR no energy

-Uneven tire wear – =Collapsing arches / sore feet and knees

-Poor ride =Aches and pains

Undue wear and tear on every part of the vehicle creates pain, from a sore back to headaches.

If there has not been a specific injury in the area/s that you are experiencing pain, this is your symptom (your weakest link of your chain) NOT THE SOURCE !

By addressing the symptom you are putting a band-aid on the condition.

By addressing the source you are curing the condition.

Body-Wize acn help find the source of your pain and help reduce or eliminate it, contact us today.

“If you have an issue, it’s in the tissue”
Ross Short, CHP