Tired, sore, injured?  Suffering from stress and fatigue?  We all spend so much time pushing our bodies to perform – over working them, poor sleep habits, poor training habits – and become frustrated and upset when we end up sick, sore or injured.  There is an answer!  Your body already has the wisdom that leads to better health.

The secret lies in understanding that we cannot separate our minds from our bodies.  Your body is NOT a machine, it is part of a complete system of who you are that can lead to ideal health if properly treated and managed.

Ross Short created the unique Body-Wize system to deal with his own chronic pain and health issues.  He now has a success rate of 93% in eliminating or significantly reducing the pain his clients experience.  This is not a quick fix or miracle cure.  It is a system of understanding and working with the body’s key systems to eliminate chronic pain Kelowna, to undo poor habits and restore optimal health.

Join Ross for a free one hour seminar to learn about this incredible system to eliminate chronic pain Kelowna and how it can reduce your pain and fatigue and restore your health.  In this one hour seminar you will learn:

  • How the proven Body-Wize system can reduce or eliminate your pain;
  • Ross personal story and how he came to create this system;
  • How Body-Wize has worked for many people like you to restore their health;
  • How the proven Body-Wize system can work for you.

Unlock your body’s wisdom now!

This unique, free seminar takes place from 7pm to 8pm on November 8th, 2016.

The seminar will be held in the Body-Wize Studio 925 Tronson Drive, Kelowna

There are very limited spaces remaining

Reserve your seat today at 250-717-3553 or email Ross.Short@shaw.ca