Suffering from chronic low energy and fatigue?  In Kelowna feeling ‘rundown’ constantly like your body is not performing the way that it should be? Having difficulty sleeping?  All of these issues may be connected to both imbalance in the body and to your state of mind.

In our current culture we push our bodies as hard as we can, treating them like machines that we can work relentlessly.  We are under-slept, over-tired, stressed and yet we expect our bodies to keep performing at a high level.  We ignore signals are bodies give out that we are suffering.  The result is often illness, soreness, fatigue or even more serious health ailments.

What is the answer to poor health or chronic pain?

Fortunately, there is an answer!  Our bodies contain the wisdom to heal themselves, we just need to work with them to do it.  Our minds and bodies are completely interconnected.  By working on the whole being you can restore health and eliminate pain.

The secret lies in balance, alignment and a whole body approach to treatment, which takes time, focus and work.  There are no quick fixes.  You may be able to find short term relief from some treatments or drugs, but the key to repairing our bodies for the long-term and reducing or eliminating pain is creating balance.

The stress and tension that we carry with us can lead to physical imbalance, holding tissue and muscles in the wrong positions.  This imbalance leads to pain, soreness and injury.  Restoring overall balance can eliminate this pain.

To treat his own chronic pain issues, Ross Short of Body-Wize explored many different therapies and created a powerful combination of techniques that work together to restore the body’s alignment.  In Kelowna feeling ‘rundown’, the techniques he practices – Hellerwork Structural Integration, Pilates, Reiki and Whole Body Vibration – address balance in the whole body.  While each of these proven therapies can be effective on its own, by using them in combination Ross is able to reduce or eliminate pain for the long term, and restore vitality for his clients.

Mind, Body and Emotion

Through his work, Ross is able to address the mental, physical and emotional issues that lead to poor health.  Integrating the emotions into the overall therapeutic process can reduce stress and tension, leading to better sleep, increased energy and better health.

Your body is not a machine, it is part of a complete mind body system.  By working them together you can create your own ideal health.  The secret lies in understanding that we cannot separate our minds from our bodies.  Your body is NOT a machine, it is part of a complete system of who you are that can lead to ideal health if properly treated and managed.

If you are in the Okanagan or Kelowna feeling ‘rundown’ looking to restore your energy, reduce pain and build your ideal health, book an appointment with Body-Wize.  At your initial consultation Ross will examine the causes of imbalance and misalignment and work with you to build a customized plan that takes into account your unique situation.  You owe it to your mind and body to live the best, healthiest life that you can!