Have you been cycling and training hard this summer?  Are you noticing more fatigue, aches and pains?   Has your performance increased less than you wanted it to, or decreased?  Do your long rides result in back pain and soreness?

In any sport it is essential to have a properly aligned spine, but it is particularly important in cycling.  An improperly fitted bike, or the wrong posture while cycling can result in tremendous strain on the spine as well neck pain and lower back pain.  Without the proper curve of the spine, all of the hours on your bike can be doing more harm than good.  Prolonged training can actually accentuate improper alignment, leading to injury, strain and fatigue.  By learning about proper alignment you can ensure your exercise is leading to positive results.

Join me for a free one hour seminar to learn about the value of correct posture while cycling.  The correct spine position and alignment will lead to reduced pain and fatigue and increased cycling performance.  In this one hour seminar you will learn:

  • The importance of pelvic position and how to create a “neutral” spine;
  • How proper alignment can improve your cycling performance;
  • How to ensure that the time on your bike is increasing endurance;
  • How the proven Body-Wize system can reduce the risk of injury;
  • How to effectively heal past cycling injuries;
  • How you can reduce or eliminate pain caused by prolonged cycling.

Your Inner Cyclist – increasing your performance

This unique, free seminar takes place from 7 to 8pm

on September 6th, 2016.

The seminar will be held in the Body-Wize Studio 925 Tronson Drive, Kelowna

Reserve your seat at 250-717-3553 or email Ross.Short@shaw.ca

Cycling is a fabulous exercise, but only if it is working to build a strong, aligned, fit body.

Reserve your seat today!