Ross has a 93% success rate

In reducing or eliminating chronic pain of his clients

Ross Short can help YOU get your life back

by greatly reducing or eliminating your chronic pain conditions.

How can we help you gain health?

Suffer From Chronic Pain?

Desire Healthy Aging?

Are You An Athlete?

Interested in learning more about Hellerwork Structural Integration?

Body – Wize Studio hosts an:

Introduction to Hellerwork SI #1 Course


 This workshop introduces the first session of the 11 session Hellerwork Series to Bodyworkers of all modalities.

The intention is to encourage students to pursue Hellerwork as an occupation.

Click the button below to choose the course date that works for your schedule. 

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Our thoughts toward helping you live a better life through better health

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Your Inner Cyclist

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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

How Postural Alignment Improves Your Game Are you working hard at your golf game but not taking strokes off? Do you feel stiff or sore after a round?  Are you having to miss games or cut time at the range short because you are too tired or sore to play? Have you lost...