Ross has a 93% success rate

In reducing or eliminating chronic pain of his clients

Ross Short can help YOU get your life back

by greatly reducing or eliminating you chronic pain conditions.

At Body-Wize, Ross’ approach is to treat the whole body, eliminating pain for the long-term rather than focusing on a short-term fix or adjustment that will mask the symptoms. Helping you recover quickly and completely from an injury and get back to normal is his primary goal.

Ross from Body-Wize performs a very skillful and effective form of physical therapy that includes three modalities (Hellerwork, Pilates, and Reiki)

Between his 23+ years experience and being professionally trained by experts in his field, he has achieved a 93% success rate in reducing or eliminating chronic pain for his patients.

Due to the BC Health Professions Act, Ross cannot use the title “physical therapist” or “physiotherapist” and none of the content provided in this Website should imply that he is a registered physical therapist in BC.

If you have had little or no improvement of your chronic pain from your current physical therapist, it may be time to look into an alternative of the physical therapy you are getting.

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