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Your Inner Cyclist

Have you been cycling and training hard this summer?  Are you noticing more fatigue, aches and pains?   Has your performance increased less than you wanted it to, or decreased?  Do your long rides result in back pain and soreness? In any sport it is essential to have...

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

How Postural Alignment Improves Your Game Are you working hard at your golf game but not taking strokes off? Do you feel stiff or sore after a round?  Are you having to miss games or cut time at the range short because you are too tired or sore to play? Have you lost...

Running a Mile in Your Shoes

Are you training for a marathon?  Proper alignment is critical to safe and effective training.  Many athletes injure themselves during training, preventing them from reaching their goal and potentially leading to long term issues.  By understanding balance and...